Wanderley Caloni

Backend Specialist

  • Location: São Paulo, Brazil
  • Email: wanderley.caloni@bitforge.com.br


C, C++, Assembly, Windows, x86, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Tech/Art Writing, Debugging, Git, SQL


BitForge, 2015 - current (Owner Developer)

UOL Diveo Broker, 2012 - 2015 (Backend Developer)

  • Financial Market Risk System (Stock Broker)
  • HUB Network API Development and Maintenance

Scua Information Security, 2008 - 2012 (Security Developer)

  • Information Security Product Maintenance
  • Disk Cryptography
  • Team Coordination
  • Minor projects and skills
    • Hardware inventory using WMI/SMBIOS
    • Software inventory using Windows Registry
    • PrintScreen protection using COM interfaces
    • Windows Event Log using device driver
    • User/Kernel communication using DeviceIoControl API
    • VNC like development
    • PsExec like development
    • Documents print control using regex (boost) and shell hook
    • User policies management using Windows Registry and API hooks
    • Database migration from CTree to SQL using OLE classes
    • Windows authentication using DCOM service, custom GINA and Credential Provider (Windows Vista)
    • Database synchronization using DCOM service
    • Linux maintenance bootable CD, bash scripts and cryptography tools
    • USB Cryptography (pen drives)
    • Crash dump analysis using Windbg
    • System account process execution using COM service
    • MBR (Master Boot Record) customization analysing BIOS features
    • Blowfish and SHA-1 development in 16 bits assembly (x86)
    • Audit driver using shared memory between user and kernel events

Open Communications Security, 2005 - 2008 (Security Specialist)

  • Reverse Engineering (Trojan Analysis)
  • API Hooking
  • Antidebugging Solution
  • Code Ofuscation
  • Minor projects and skills
    • Kernel mode API hook for Windows NT and 9X
    • Boot loader using 16 bits assembly (x86); debugging using debug.com tool
    • Executable files protection using file resource authentication to the network domain
    • Internet Explorer and Firefox browsing protection using DLL with code injection (assembly 32 bits x86)
    • Code protection library, strings obfuscation and execution monitoring; Win32 interruptions
    • Log local system using shared memory and global events in NT platform and Windows 98
    • BHO (Browser Helper Object) and ActiveX for Internet Explorer; XPI plugin for Mozilla/Firefox
    • Source Safe, Bazaar and batch scripts project management
    • Kernel mode debuggint in NT platform using SoftIce and WinDbg; in Windows 9X using SoftIce and WDeb98
    • Trojan reverse engineering in compiled codes using C++, Visual Basic and Delphi using WinDbg and IDA
    • Diagnosis tool to list files, services, drivers, registry, partitions, processes in the computer

Scua Information Security, 2001 - 2005 (Security Developer)

  • Information Security Product Maintenance
  • Windows Backend
  • Fingerprint Solution
  • C++ Builder
  • Minor projects and skills
    • Jobs monitoring in Windows 2000+ to product install/update control
    • User habits monitoring using windows hooks (invasive and non invasive methods)
    • Houaiss (eletronic dictionary) reverse engineering
    • Cruise Control .NET build management, symbol server using Debugging Tools for Windows
    • Projects documentation using Doxygen and Trac Wiki
    • Management user interfaces using C++ Builder 5 and 6; Visual C++ libraries integration
    • Email analyser using regex (ATL)
    • Visual C++ Analysis interfaces (MFC/ATL/WTL)
    • Project and logs management using regular expressions
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