What I've been doing in the last 10 years

2009-08-17 · 3 · 520

Este ainda é um rascunho publicado prematuramente e está sujeito a mudanças substanciais.

This week I dedicate myself to update my resumè and I have the brilliant idea of put into it my technical historical, what resuming is a list of things I did or was involved with during my brief ten years stay in the programming world.

So I thought: “this could be useful to the people read me”. Why not? Perhaps you got some doubt waiting to be solved and is unable to find a guy who knows something about this. Perhaps this fork guy even exists and has a blog where he could share some knowledge that is stuck in that empty programmer head.

In this case, it follows bellow a brief description of my professional life, with the things I could remember I did since December 2000. What I haven’t remember probably is not worth of.

  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Clipboard and PrintScreen protection using windows hooks and global messages manipulation
  • Driver writing system event log
  • DeviceIoControl user/kernel communication
  • Desktop remote control using VNC technique
  • Remote execution tool PsExec (SysInternals) like
  • Print control using regex (Boost) and shell hook
  • Access policies management during user logon/logoff (register and hooks)
  • Database migration CTree -> SQL (OLE classes)
  • Windows authentication using custom GINA and DCOM; Credential Provider (Vista)
  • CTree database synchronism using custom DCOM service
  • Bootable Linux CD with bash scripts and disk cryptography tools using C language
  • Hard disk encryption and PenDrive (USB) storage control
  • Blue Screen analysis using memory dumps and WinDbg live (Gflags)
  • System account execution using custom COM service
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) customization library
  • Blowfish/SHA-1 encryption library using C++ and 16 bits Assembly
  • Log access driver using shared memory between user and kernel mode
  • Kernel mode API hook for 9X and NT platforms
  • 16 bits Assembly loader; debugging using debug.com tool
  • Executable protection using embedded domain authentication recorded inside files resources
  • Internet Explorer 6/7 and Firefox 1/2 browsing protection using Assembly 32 bits code injection
  • Code, strings and execution protection library (using Win32 interruptions)
  • Centralized log generation library using shared memory and global events
  • Internet Explorer 6/7 BHO (Broser Helper Object) and ActiveX; Mozilla/Firefox XPI plugin
  • Projects management using Source Safe, Bazaar and Batch (Win) scripts
  • Kernel mode debugging using SoftIce and WinDbg for NT platform, SoftIce and WDeb98 for 9X platform
  • Trojans reverse engineering (C++, Visual Basic, Delphi) using WinDbg and IDA
  • Diagnostic tool listing files, services, drivers, register, disk partitions, processes, etc
  • Jobs monitoring in Win2000+ to installation and update control
  • Application use monitoring using noninvasive and invasive windows hooks
  • Houaiss reverse engineering and Babylon importation (dictionaries)
  • Build control with Cruise Control .NET, symbol server with Debugging Tools
  • Projects documentation using Doxygen and Wiki (Trac)
  • Management interfaces using C++ Builder 5/6 and Visual C++ custom libraries
  • E-mails analyzer using regular expressions (ATL classes)
  • Configuration interfaces using Visual C++ (MFC /ATL/WTL)
  • Project and tracing analysis using regular expressions (Vim and Grep)
  • Articles development using technical blog and Code Project community.

Perhaps I update this list frequently. Although I guess the rightest choice would be to update the list with articles about my every day “brushing bits” life . After all, I got a technical blog already!

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