# Undoing Yourself (Christopher S. Hyatt)

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Lendo este livro sobre meditação recomendado no livro Prometheus Rising (ainda preciso escrever sobre esse). Todos os autores se conversam e usam essa editora como linha de frente de publicação de suas ideias. O livro é experimental, para não dizer inacabado, e na mesma vibe dos pensamentos de Robert Anton Wilson e Timothy Leary (entre outros), ele brinca com sua mente.

E como é sobre meditação, brinca com nosso conceito de eu, além de dizer várias vezes que não se pode mudar uma pessoa apenas por ler um livro. É preciso praticar a coisa.

Dever de casa

It would be a damned good idea, right now, to make a list of ten important changes that have occurred in "You" since 1966 and ten changes since 1976.

Make a list of ten more programs that keep you alive and functioning, over which you have never had any conscious control.

This theory will help you define your own particular way of coping with life. Make a list of your activities and then analyze each of them in terms of where you stop on the cycle of tension— charge—discharge and relaxation. Look at the way you eat, talk, love, walk, think, feel, and etc.

Freedom comes from the knowledge of the Orphic Mysteries. Life oscillates between chaos and form. Try on a form, use it —know it—discard it. Then from chaos make a new form. Repeat the Cycles as often as possible and you will feel alive and free.

(Can you tell when the author is really trying to help? Can you tell when he is just filling up space? Or is he full of shit, just trying to sell books? Why does he use so many styles? Name them.)

Be conscious at all times of your uniqueness, that your LAB has something to contribute if you do your experiments.

This exercise can be done at any time (13):

  • Step 1: Find any part of your body where you can sense some tension.
  • Step 2: Identify that tension with an emotive word or phrase.
  • Step 3: Now take that emotion/tension and spread it over your whole body.
  • Step 4: Holding that spread tension (emotion) state, now again scan your body for a new area of tension.

And now a final exercise, lucky 14. This is an exercise for the rest of your life.

  • Make a list of every trait of yours you can think of.
  • Keep the list handy and keep adding to it over time.
  • Now, with your list, for each of the traits or ways of being, try to do the opposite for a few days.
  • Notice the anxiety (either in planning or in executing). Apply exercise 13 to find out where the pattern came from.
  • Like healthy eating or exercise, exercise 14 is something you should plan for as part of your life from here on.


METHOD I Step 1. Sit or lie down. Make Faces ~ Stretch all the muscles in the face. Open your mouth as wide as you can, move the jaw from side to side. At the same time open your eyes as wide as you can. Move your eyes up and down and from side to side. This will begin to destroy tension, thereby destroying uncontrolled and extraneous thoughts generated by this area. Make many different faces. Do this for about 2-3 minutes. (A word of caution: While in the end these exercizes are meant to reduce and eliminate certain thought patterns, some might find an increase of new thoughts from previously "Hidden" places of the mind. If this is the case don't be concerned, since this will be a fine way to perform "mental house cleaning.") Step II. Hum and Chatter — Hum from the depths of your voice box. Use OM or just MMMM. Do this for 1-2 minutes. Now using your tongue, chatter — DA DA — BA BA BA. Stick out your jaw as far as you can and continue humming and chattering. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Step III. Shoulders to Ears — Pull your shoulders up as if you were trying to reach your ears. When they start feeling tired, drop them as low as you can. Repeat this 3 times in 2-3 minute intervals. Step IV. Nose Breathing — With your mouth closed take in a deep breath inflating your chest and pulling your stomach up. Be sure to pull the belly in. Hold for a 7 count and then just let the chest fall and the belly relax. Repeat this 10-20 times. Be sure to allow an additional 7 count to elapse before your next inhalation. Step V. Turn Head — Now bring your attention to your head and turn it from side to side as far as you can. Repeat for 2-3 minutes. Step VI. Leg Stretch — Lying down on your back, hold your legs about 4 inches off the ground and stretch outward. Hold this as long as you can then let them drop. Repeat this 2-3 times. Step VII. Quick Breath — With your mouth slightly open breathe rapidly, sighing as you exhale. Do this for 2-3 minutes. Now lie down and sense and feel your body, for about 10 minutes. Note every sensation you feel. Now assume a meditative position of your choice making sure that: (1) Your eye lids are not tightly closed, but simply relaxed. (2) That your jaw is relaxed and not tense. Make sure of this by trying to stick out your tongue; if you have to lower your jaw, it was too tightly held. Check your forehead making sure it is not wrinkled. Once you are relaxed, either concentrate on your mantra or point of focus. For those students who do not have a mantra or point, we suggest Dr. Regardie's Mantram tape or simply OOOOO-OOOMMMMMMM. For students who wish or require specific images or points of focus, please feel free to contact us. (3) Finally make sure your throat is not blocked by holding your head in the wrong position. Make sure it is straight. In order to reduce thoughts, keep the eyes relaxed and still, with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Do not move the larynx and again be sure that your jaw is relaxed. Meditate before eating, or wait for 2-3 hours after eating a heavy meal. It is also best if the bladder and bowels have been emptied before you start your work.

METHOD II You should have practiced the first stage until you became aware of your deeper tensions. Before starting the second stage be sure your bladder, bowels, and stomach are empty. LIE DOWN ON YOUR BACK Take 10-15 deep breaths starting deep in your guts and work it upward. Try to become aware of all the muscles you use in breathing. When this has been done slowly get up. Stand straight up and count to three. When you reach three let the top part of your body collapse downward at your waist. Do not fall, just let it collapse, do not force it, let gravity pull it down. Repeat this 10-20 times. When you are finished take a few deep breaths and feel the effect this experiment had on you. See if you can sense your pelvic region. Now repeat the same experiment this time exhaling rapidly as you fall and breathing in slowly as you rise. Repeat this 10-20 times and then become aware of the sensations in your body. LIE DOWN ON YOUR BACK Inhale as you do this slowly bring your legs with the knees flexed up to your chest, as you exhale kick your legs out as far and fast as you can. You might want to do this in bed or place some pillows under where your legs will fall. Repeat this until you start feeling tired, then allow your breathing to return to normal. When this happens start again but this time try to hold your legs extended for a second or two before you let them fall. Continue this for a minute or two and then relax again. 79 80 Undoing Yourself Now inhale—on the exhale scream — scream — scream, or if you are a male - yell -yell - yell. Repeat this at least five times. (In order to prevent your friends and neigh- bors from thinking you're nuts and phoning the police I suggest you yell or scream (depending on your sex, of course) into a pillow. Now lie down on your back and sense and feel the energy moving around and through- out your body. Do this for about 5 minutes, and feel the life force move. When you are finished begin your mantram, or if you wish you may use the one recorded by Israel Regardie. If it is used following these experiments it will blow your mind. If you prefer to use your own, record it continually on a tape for at least 20 minutes and then play it back to yourself while you're meditating — Method II is not meant to take the place of Method I, it is just an extension of the experiment. If you are inclined, make a note book or diary of your experiences. There are no-short cuts, so proceed seriously — you can laugh at yourself later — that is unless your laughter begins on its own. When you have completed this experiment try to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes alone. Don't eat or drink, just sense and feel.

METHOD III Again Method III is not meant to take the place of Method I or II, but is a further extension of the technique. This will take a little more time and you shouldn't try this until you have mastered and documented the effects of the other two methods. STAND UP Bend your knees slightly, not too much and let the top part of your body flop forward. Do not force it — just let it drop. While you're in this position, use a five count breath. Five in, hold five, five out, hold five. Repeat this three times and slowly straighten yourself out. Repeat this sequence 08 times or more. When you're done, stand erect for a few moments with your eyes tightly shut. Become aware of any tension in your face, neck or shoulders. Mobilize these tensions by opening your mouth as wide as you can and distorting your face. Now close your mouth and continue on with these distortions. When you've done this for at least 5 minutes, bend your head back on your shoulders as far as you can, and start turning it from side to side. Some people might get nauseous at this point, so be prepared. If by some chance you desire to vomit go right ahead, since the gag reflex is marvelous for reducing deep body tension. GETTING OUT OF YOUR HEAD Sit down again and think about something which you are worried about. Get up again and pace around the room repeating the phrase, "Wh — ats go — ing to hap — pen to me," or some equivalent phrase 107 108 Undoing Yourself which expresses worry. Try not to numb yourself while you are doing this. If you feel silly that's fine, because your worry — ing is silly anyway. Now after five minutes sit down in your chair and think of something joyful. When you have it in mind get up and pace around the room repeating the phrase, "I love it," or some equivalent phrase expressing happiness or joy. When your five minutes are up, imitate laughter as well as you can, then tears, alternating these emotions for at least five minutes. When you are done lie down. Clasp your hands over your chest, pull your knees up and roll yourself up as tight as you can in a ball, tensing every muscle. Hold this position for at least three minutes. Feel your restrictions, now expand, let go of your restriction, let go of everything. As you start to expand let out a shout such as AH! Become aware of your freedom. Repeat this a few times. MEDITATE Choose your mantram, or point of focus, and begin your meditation. SUGGESTIONS There are many ways to use these and the more advanced techniques. Do not become rigid in your experiments — yet remain diligent in your efforts. Some people do better by alternating levels, i.e. use Method I on Monday, II on Wednesday, and III on Saturday, then switch Methods and Days the following week. Others stay with one Method for one month and then switch to others. Be open with your experiments but always remain dedicated to the work. During these periods of experimentation, call yourself by different names, this will help separate the machine you from the emerging Self — the true Scientist of the LAB. If you have any difficulties or questions or wish to find out more information, please feel free to drop me a short note.

GRAVEYARD Perform your energized meditation exercises. Get into your favorite meditative posture and begin to concentrate on your heart Chakra or on Ajna. Watch all the images pass through your mind. When you have achieved true tranquillity, now imagine that you are in a graveyard. Pick up a shovel and dig up a coffin. Open it up and observe yourself inside. See the worms eating your flesh, watch as your flesh falls off. Create images of all the mistakes and errors you made in you life time. Berate yourself over and over again. Do all of this without losing your tranquillity or your concentration. After you have succeeded at this task repeat the first steps. Once you are completely tranquil begin to create images of your enemies humiliating and degrading you. Imagine them torturing you. Image every hideous thing possible. Be sure to remain tranquil and concentrated. The next task is to image yourself doing awful things to others. For some this is more difficult than the first two meditations. Next image yourself having the greatest pleasures and joys this world can offer you. Be sure to remain tranquil and concentrated. Finally image yourself explaining all of this to someone you don't know. Try to convince them of the sanity of this operation.

OBSERVATION Look out the window and ask yourself as your eyes rest on each object, what is the truth about this tree, lawn, people walking on the street, or whatever your glance rests on? Mentally strip the objects to the facts that you perceive. Even your perception of what you believe to be facts concerning it or them is likely to be distorted -nevertheless your efforts to confine your conclusions to the apparent facts concerning it will help you to increase your awareness of how distorted are all our perceptions concerning everything in our lives. We rarely view anything without our fleshy robot machine being right in the middle. Almost all of our conclusions are based on "trained" input — which categorically means dogma.


The main reason you shouldn't be afraid of this attack on your precious little ego is that the ego is infinitely resourceful and finds ways to sneak back into its habitual mechanical trance no matter how many times you think you have Awakened once and for all.

We are the products of mechanical genetic programs, mechanical imprints and mechanical conditioning, just like the other animals.

There seem to be genuine biological reasons why we need to spend about one third of our lives asleep and a large part of the other two-thirds half-entranced by mechanical conditioned processes. The purpose of all schools of liberation is to wake up fully often enough to have some perspective outside the sleeping and conditioned ego states.

From the point of view of current science, c. 1980-87, there appear to be two things wrong with this Aristotelian mind-set. In the first place, scientific models are not expressed in this metaphor of identity (A is a B) but in the functional language of relationships (When A moves an increment of x in any dimension, B will move an increment of y in some other dimension.) The latter type of functional statement allows for scientific predictions, which can be partially verified or totally refuted by experience and experiment; the former, Aristotelian type of is-ness statement leads only to verbal argument.

The second objection to Aristotelian A is a B statements is that they appear totally contradicted by neurology and experiments with instruments. Neurologically, we never know what A "is," but what it appears to our senses and brain.

It would be a damned good idea, right now, to make a list of ten important changes that have occurred in "You" since 1966 and ten changes since 1976.

The skin is the psycho-physical barrier between our personal and public selves. The skin, if you would, is the sensate membrane of how we know who, what and where we are, and what we are doing.

The body, the skin, represents both our individuality which we cherish, and at the same time our vulnerability which we abhor.

Thus public exposure regardless of form is always a threat, be it spatial or psychological. In other words, we are always scared of each other.

As long as our biology demands our survival, our primary mode of operation is fear. However, we are deliberately made unaware of this, or told that our anxieties are abnormal. In fact our anxieties are the most normal things about us and are the fuel and engine from which society and culture are built.

WHAT we do is determined, HOW we do it is relative.

Gurdjieff, one of the most powerful "real" teachers of "real" self-change, said LIFE IS REAL ONLY THEN, WHEN "1 AM."

Our sleeping Brain is capable of anything and everything we wish. The solution to man's "problems" lies in first getting "himself out of his own way, and then re-programming his brain according to his "true will". Man's freedom is not in his conditioned ego-personality or his castrated visions of gods and demons but in his desire and ability to change himself.

To achieve Enlightenment (The Real Knowledge That You Are A Robot And Have Been Programmed, And That You Can Re-Program Your Brain According To Your True Will.) you must first put yourself aside.

The body must be free from the Robotic Mind and allowed to express itself freed from all snares. And finally the Mind must become a SLAVE of the True Will.

As you become more astute in achieving deep relaxation, you will realize that you can have complete control of your life through the ability to reprogram your mind. However, to accomplish this you must first learn to reduce all un—necessary tension and stress.

The technical aspects of this idea are overwhelming. While meditation reduces tension, tension also reduces the result of meditation. For this reason concentration on a mantra can never be achieved to complete satisfaction. This is one of the major problems to which Energized Meditation addresses itself.

We will find out that Undoing Yourself is another phrase for "God Is Dead," the final obituary of stupidity, the end of the single brain—the single self—the freedom from restrictions, the new Nirvana(s). Undoing Yourself is the Religions of Sisters/ Brothers.

I use the term 'geography' (lines dividing time and space on a piece of paper) to refer to culture and psychology. Psychoculture is the result of genes interacting with geography.

In a primitive sense, culture and psychology are territory.

All wars are wars between slaves. Each competing hoard of geoslaves believes that its form of slavery is better. A country by any other name is a choice between serfdoms. Each bible is simply a slave's survival manual—a HOW TO book!

One purpose of chaos, paradox, nonsense, and absurdity is to set itself against the linear world. These are not meant to take the place of linear knowledge or functions, but to act as a point of focus calling our attention and awareness to the something(s) which the linear model has missed, thus breathing new life into the predictable.

In other words there is a sense of independence that we can create from our tacit assumptions which have created a false isomorphism between the inside and outside. I use a method called flip/flop which entails moving from emotion to thought to action and back again in an almost random fashion.

To Believe that the origin of the Plant is the Flower is to believe that the rational mind is the origin of life

At first our entire survival depends on the unknown, the ground of life. It is completely magickal.

The inheritors of the future are not those who are impulsive nor those who have identified the rational process as their God. I am equally frightened of both groups.

Do not identify the flower of mankind with its roots, nor cut off the flower denying its root. Both games are deadly.


Ritual is the tying together of things, emotions, events and environments through the process of spontaneous imagination with the WILL TO MANIFEST.

TRUE RITUAL Is LIVING at its highest Intensity To LIVE at the highest means to LIVE in the Power of moments.

The frustration of Desire at its most primal level stimulates the development of the faculties of persistence and reason. At this level we are touching upon the ideas of a future. It is the planning aspect, the deliberate activity of a sequence of acts leading to goals and ideals. It is the Mother of formal philosophy and science.

In spite of the disappointment of those who wish to CURE LIFE, CHAOTIC DESIRE will LIVE on to generate new and different life FORMS.

Magick gets its bad name from

In the end, this civilization will be destroyed not because of the Magickal process, (Original Sin, Primary Process, Disobedience) but because of civilization's attempts to Destroy — MAGICK. This is the inherent inter-play of the Goddess, Create/Destroy.


I have heard every explanation devised to deal with the void, but I find the one which works best is an hour or so of forced depression. This makes the rest of the day free for other things.

If they understand, you can rest assured that they are not normal and are worthy of your friendship and consideration. If they think you are mad, invoke the notion of tradition. Argue that the Tantrics and Buddhists used graveyards for meditations and that many of the early Christians tortured themselves to purify themselves.

If everything in the Universe could be known or controlled man would no longer exist as we know him. Thus, to know the nature of a man we simply must ask how he defines both the Numinous and himself and how he lives in relationship to these definitions. Thus, the God(s) of every culture—like the God(s) of every man—is a sign of its strength or weakness.

When you have completed your ratings write a short paragraph describing the relationship between man and his God(s). Finally, and most importantly, create your own God (vision of the Numinous) and rate Him or Her. Also rate how this God "sees" you. This method will provide you with a map of how a culture or a man perceives himself in relation to the Numinous. It will also allow you to make predictions about how a man or a culture will change over time.

This Law—Stay simple, Stay lean—is the basic law of science and "should" be the basic law of life. Stay simple, Stay lean has nothing whatsoever to do with dogmatism. It means—don't complicate something until facts force you to do so. Facts in this case includes your own needs.

The words you think with affect the world you live in. As we realize that we are our own greatest "works" of art as well as the co-artists of the world in which we reside, and exercise our talents, we give ourselves residence in the world of magic, happily juggling our self concepts along with our realities. So the preliminary task for any brain change artist is to get rid of his or her armour /shell/linguistic filter and get acquainted with the life underneath. William Blake knew what he was talking about when he wrote, "I must create my own system, or be enslaved by another's."

The goddess Eris (or Discordia) is the midwife of Chaos, the bringer of creative destruction. For those aspiring to the magickal life, she will be a most helpful handmaiden, a necessary preliminary, an archetype whose invokation is necessary if a New Order be wrought.

Real-life experiments conducted by Dr. Lilly suggested that it was possible to "visit" our selves in various states of evolution, but of course physical transformation did not occur. It was the mind which took a ride on a genetic elevator of sorts, allowing re-cognition and realization of the primeval consciousness and/or cosmic consciousness. The point is that we can access the Self beneath the programming and choose to change our minds/ realities, become the meta-programmers of our brains rather than the puppets of the culture we were bread in by applying the magickal formula: Will + Imagination + Altered States.

Brain-change technicians are meta-programmers who dance through dozens of virtual realities. We re-program ourselves, clothing ourselves with new belief systems or realities as creatively and as often AS WE WILL. (As I see it, the more often we change, the faster we evolve.)

There are thousands of ways to invoke Eris. You might devote yourself to meditation on the TOWER card, or better yet, draw or paint your own. It helps to get out of your head where all your programs, as well as the potential re-actions to your current programs and future programs exist. Forget the mind; get into your body. Prior to practicing brain-change rituals, prepare yourself and your space by breaking apart "normal" reality. Perform a frenzied Erisian dance, whirling like a crazy dervish until you don't know which way is which, stand on your head for an hour, indulge in extended sexual practice or tantra (prolonged sexual activity is perhaps the simplest and most pleasurable way to alter consciousness), or have sex with an unusual person under unusual circumstances. Throw yourself into an extreme emotional state (terror, devotion, or anger), drum until you become the beat, give your ear to dissonant music, or stare at a cubist painting until you understand it. Hold your breath or try Kriya Yoga techniques. Laugh for the sake of laughter and nothing else (listen to the song "I Love to Laugh" on the Mary Poppins soundtrack for a couple of hours). Talk gibberish or practice Socratic dialectic with yourself. Invoking Eris in your daily life will take some of the tedium out of mundane tasks and greatly speed up your passage into a magickal multiple FUN reality. A good way to start is to break habits and replace them with new ones, then break the new habits and replace them, and so on. Or, walk in a different way, talk to strangers, act "out of character" (tell your friends you're performing an experiment), wear clothing which is not your style, explore new routes to work, eat exotic foods, eat on the floor, eat without utensils, write with the hand you don't write with, try to believe in ideas you abhor (except during elections), make love to someone who is not your "type". Really. Sex with "unattractive" partners is said to have been a favored method of self-concept disintegration for at least one notorious brain-change expert. When pleasure is combined with repulsion, two contrary values are married, your judgment is dissolved, and you are lifted beyond duality into oneness. As you give your former "static" reality various Erisian jolts, continuously question your beliefs about the world, your ideas of yourself, your goals and desires. Be brutally "honest" and beg your friends to do the same. Find out where you are and why; you can search your "soul" more effectively than any therapist. What is important is that you recognize the foundations, scaffolds, and walls of your "normal" reality; and demolish them and build anew. To maintain residence in magickal reality keep turning the channel again and again and again. If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards! Evolve! As we become expert brain-change technicians and enter the realm of magick, synchronicities become common occurrences and wishes come true so frequently that one refrains from wishing carelessly. Things just fall into place. We no longer have to put aside time specifically for such practices; instead, we live magickally. Eris provides the necessary dis-orientation and dis-illusionment, both in our rituals and our everyday lives, so we may cast off the shells which separate our essential spark, in all its marvelous and ancient luminosity, from that of everything else in the universe. And so we realize that "All the World's a Stage" and "Every Man and Woman is a Star," thus becoming the directors, producers, and actors of our lives.

The problem of opposites lies in the inadequate information gained from the Tree of Knowledge. (See the story of the man in the room above.) When man learned about good and evil he did not learn how empty words are like a container that can be filled with various liquids.

The Opposites have served as a primitive model of classifying, ordering and "understanding" the universe. The problem lies in the fact that Opposites do not exist apart from the mind (or, each other). Anything "understood" by Opposites can equally and probably better be understood in terms of scales such as, so much of X or Y. The process of thinking in Opposites create an illusion of Opposition, a world of Conflict, which in fact may not exist independent of our beliefs.

For the man in the street, the philosophies of opposites, particularly Good and Evil, have served as a torture chamber, a crucifix made from metaphor. Thrust into a world which views him as the property of Gods and States and overwhelmed by an un-repayable debt, the metaphysics of slavery and the facts of pain, pleasure and death; bolstered by science, whose theories have become the whores of the state, man is now informed that he is ill. The proof of this is his refusal to submit completely.

Could we say then, that his evil was simply losing, or was it the "more important" fact that he employed violence? If so, what of the American Indian and other races and cultures destroyed by the Christian notion of a pure white race. And what of the Blacks in America? No, most humans would argue that Hitler's evil was something more. What was it? It may have been because it happened in our own time, it was blatant, he lost the war, he crossed his genetic borders, or attacked the "chosen people" or ??

As Nietzsche has shown, evil is an intention serving a purpose. It allows one group to justify its will to power over another, just as it has been used to intimidate most men.

"The wife has no rights over her own body, the husband has them." —I Corinthians, 7:4

If we accept the Model of the Cyber-Shaman (that man OWNS HIRSELF), 95 percent of the so-called problems—which we read about in newspapers, hear about on the radio, watch on television and discuss with friend—DO NOT EXIST. Thus, all proposed SOLUTIONS for these PSEUDO-PROBLEMS are MEANINGLESS. The concept of OWNERSHIP starts in the cradle and does not end, even in the grave. Thus, our solution is not eradication of OWNERSHIP but rather REPOSSESSING the SELF

You have noted, of course, that 911—the date when the World Trade Center was destroyed—is the same as the emergency phone number in the U.S.

You can't return to something that never was. This simple but horrid fact puts an end to all experts who are calculating formulas to create a perfect world.. .instead of sleeping.

If I were a Freudian therapist, I would say he has painted a powerful picture of the damage done to all of us by our own self-punitive superego. The superego is that part of ourselves which demands that we live by rules, not by choice. It is the part of ourselves that loads us down with guilt, with shame, with the rigidity of personality and body which prevents us from living in the moment with joy. Dr. Hyatt has painted the picture of that inner cop and provided exercises you can use by yourself to liberate some of the rigidity of the body. My task is to add some exercises you can use to liberate the rigidity in your personality.

But undoing yourself means to have the courage to do that which gives you pleasure and not do those things which are only duty or habit.

When you can do it at will with no self-recrimination and no guilt, then you can see if, in fact, you are not rather enjoying it.

When doing any of these exercises (and in doing them with any particular thing or way), there are two good indicators that you are on the right path. One indicator is guilt, shame, or disapproval. The other is anxiety.

As you work through these exercises and the energized meditation that Dr. Hyatt has provided, you are changing your superego and thus your feelings. As a matter of fact, one of the hallmarks of the person acting at a higher level of psychological development4 is that his thinking or evaluation of a situation and his emotions (body state) come to be in greater harmony. That is actually a measure you can use to watch your progression through energized meditation to what Scientologists call "clear."

But aren't you still angry? Aren't you boiling inside even if you don't show it? In a way, yes; but the anger is converted into a physical symptom like heartburn, or ulcers, or a headache.

As you develop, you will find less and less conflict between your thinking and your emotions.

The current situation is only the stimu-lus to the recall of past emotion.

Almost always, on this second emotion, you will spontaneously recover a memory of when these two emotions occurred together

There is no reason to stop at two areas of tension. If two does not get you to a memory, try for a third pass (identify, grow, scan, identify).

The more you do this, the better at it you will get and the more you will be able to unscrew the inscrutable.

(integrity is honesty turned inward: the refusal to lie to yourself about yourself).


Together, the oral teachings and the individual personal effort produce an effect that would eventually bring about a change or transformation in the spiritual nature of the student. This change, in turn, would allow the student to successfully work in the practical laboratory phase of alchemy. "Know thyself!" were among his special watchwords that he tried to instill in all of us.

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